Update 19.09.20

Windows, Mac, Linux versions and "update files" for version 19.09.20 are now available!   The android version is currently giving an error when I try to make it. It'll be uploaded as soon as I can fix this.  


- The first raid is now available at the Spire of Courage challenge floor. It'll introduce a few new enemies and features, and offers a lot of great items as reward if you can finish it. It's "endgame content" that you can do before the time skip, so the battle is supposed to be very hard but gives you the best items you can currently find in the game.   

- New events with Shanna and Naomi. It starts when you walk into the Newkungu casino after having the events with Shanna training people at Pumumu and when you had the scene with Mira and Mirel at the hot spring. The event will bring you to a new map that's available now: The Seaside Tower in Dorgania. It has strong enemies that give a lot of experience and gold.  After the events there talk with Shanna at Kagabangui to continue the quest.

- I increased the experience gained from most quests significantly and made a few changes to existing monsters.  

- A new event with Aleah on her good path which starts at the sleeping chambers. Requires that you had her maid blowjob scene by talking to headmaid Ryia, that Mira is in your party, and that you're at the point of getting into Dorgania in the main story line.

- New event with the half-dragon girl Libelle (bottom left at the sleeping chambers when you already have her).  By selecting "talk" again in her choices you get the new event after the previous events about going to the blacksmith are done.


Renryuu Ascension 19.09.20 [Windows Version].zip 814 MB
Sep 21, 2019
Renryuu Ascension 19.09.20 [MacOS Version].zip 814 MB
Sep 21, 2019
Renryuu Ascension 19.09.20 [Linux Version].zip 857 MB
Sep 21, 2019
Renryuu Ascension 19.09.20 - Update files for version 19.08.24 or later only!.zip 20 MB
Sep 21, 2019

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android version?😢😢😢

I can't get my apk files to work anymore, so I contacted someone else and hope he'll make the ports for the game from now on.
You can find his post for the last Renryuu update here https://sensitiveusername.blogspot.com/2019/09/renryuu-ascension-v190920smoother... or download directly at https://mega.nz/#!0FVUjKKR!Zv4Iz468bM164GnIHCE1SOMCpBpSlT6nNy7Fiu-vFOY

thank you :)

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The MacOS version when downloaded turns out to be the Windows version instead.

I must've misclicked when porting the game and accidently made a second windows version instead of a Mac version. >.<
I'll fix it!

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