Update 17.09.24

The update files and windows version for the new update 17.09.24 are now online! (Mac and Linux version, as well as the walkthrough update will follow)


- New cagefight system for Brad, including a training system and 2 new battles.
- A new event with Lielle, starting at the Aldlyn city board after the first encounter with her, and when Ryen is level 30 or higher.
- The new event with Lielle will bring you to a new dungeon, with new enemies, riddles, and a special bossfight.
- Finishing the dungeon will not only reward you with some powerup items, but also with a CG scene.
- Maid Bess is now available at the headmaids girl selection screen. The amazing CG is done by the artist burbur. Make sure to check out more of her work at http://burburart.deviantart.com !
- Mira can now learn a group healing spell at level 25. In savegames with her at level 25 or higher already, you can learn the spell by entering the CG screen from the main menu.
- Due to constant problems with the turn-system of the overview map, I changed the switch necessary to start the system. In savegames where you already had it active, you need to enter the overview map through the general (or Lind) at the sleeping chamber once to re-activate it.
- New pregnancy animation and trigger was added to all girls with internal cumshot, including: Grey-f, Maid Linda, Maid Mary, Maid Flore, Sia, Lace, Irinlia, Kurohime, Ariana, Demoness, Naevy, Moriko, Zady (the dark sorceress), Millaine, Earthspirit, Firespirit, Leneth and Hellhound. Aleah has a pregnancy trigger, but no animation since it's a text only scene. Every girl has only a certain chance to get pregnant, but it can also be triggered during the replay of the scene. The impreg animation can only be triggered once per girl, for hopefully obvious reasons.

Things planned for the next update in about 2-3 weeks:
- Change of the monster catching system
- Building option of a monsterhall, in which you can interact with catched monstergirls
- CG scenes for some captured monstergirl types, which unlocks after getting along with them well enough
- New main character CG scene


Renryuu Ascension 17.09.24 [Windows Version] - Update files for version 17.09.04 or later only.zip 19 MB
Sep 24, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.09.24 [Windows Version].zip 457 MB
Sep 24, 2017

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