Update 17.10.09

New content in version 17.10.09: 

- Changed catching system for monsters. Alraunes, Mummies, Thunder kitties and Harpies can now be captured with the soul lanterns. The soul lanterns need to be used in battle now, and have an increased chance when the enemy's HP are lower. 

- New dialog at the Whisperwind farm when talking to the Soul Lantern woman, in which it'll be mentioned that you can ask Sir Edward in your castle to build a monsterhall, which'll allow for more monster races to be released after capture. (Dialog unnessecary to proceed, if you already had the previous dialog in a savegame.) 

- Using the "Talk" option with Sir Edward after the dialog at the whisperwind farm, the Monsterhall will be available on the overview map. 

- After building the Monsterhall, it becomes available from a stair on the left side of the sleeping chamber. The maid Vivian will allow you to release monsters there, transfer them to other locations, and check how many monsters you currently have in all locations. 

- Each monsters has a relationship variable, which can be increased by petting them or giving them the item they request. Both option are usuable once for each monster, until you re-enter the room. Requested items change at certain relationship levels. 

- Blue, Red and Green Slimegirl, Ice Harpy and Thunderkitty have CG scenes at 90+ relationship, being available after giving them the item they request. 

- Thunder kitties can now be found and catched at the dungeon below Crysthaven in Amagal. 

- More green slimegirls can be found at the swamp below the bitterroot farm and at the forest near Ebron. 

- Alraunes and Mummies have no CG scenes yet. 

- Each monster you capture and release to the monsterhall will give you it's drop on a "harvest". Monsters with 50+ relationship have an increased output. The timer to re-harvest them is set to 10 when harvesting, and is reduced by 1 for each requested item you give to a monster and by 1 for each time you pet a monser. The amount is doubled for monsters you had the CG scene with. 

- The "big farm central", which can be seen in the monster list, will be added in a similar way as the monsterhall with the next update. It'll be the only place for small and big harpies to be released. 

- New drops for Thunderkitties and mummies has been added. 

- In the first dialog with Vivian in the monsterhall, she'll give you a recipe for powerful weapon and equipment, which requires the drops of monsters to be crafted. This'll give their drops more value and the yield of the monsterhall as well. 

- New events and CG scene with Ariana, when you picked to help her before ("Good" path events). If you did the previous quest and she is now at the sleeping chamers, you can find Mekboss Mashgul and continue her events at the dungeon below Crysthaven. 

- New nametags for locations on the worldmap.

Fixed bugs: 

- Sia event shouldn't advance in savegames from before it was added anymore and become unplayable. 

- Replaying Sia's scene will send you back to the CG screen now. 

- Replaying Bess' CG scene will send you back to the CG screen now. 

- Fixed the Naevy+Demoness replay to bring you back to the point you started the replay and not sometimes to the other character. 

- Fixed spelling mistakes in Moriko's and the thieves guild events, and in Sia's event. 

- Lielle's new scene can now be replayed.

Known issues: 

- Warmap still has some issues. Due to the complexity of the system, I could fix these "at the side" during this update. But I'm aware of them and will take care of it!

By chance, all 5 new CGs in this update are from different artists: 

Ariana CG by Scarlett (https://twistedscarlett60.deviantart.com) 

Red Slimegirl CG by Mirayna (http://mirayna.deviantart.com) 

Green Slimegirl CG by Karis-coda (http://karis-coba.deviantart.com) 

Thunder kitty CG by Burbur (http://burburart.deviantart.com) 

Ice Harpy CG by Stewcow (http://stewcow.deviantart.com) 


Stewcow was one of the artists I contacted when going seperated ways with Karis-coda, but in the end I went with Burbur and Grigorart (http://grigorart.deviantart.com). The costs to fund all artists is currently exceeding the gain from patreon, but hopefully that won't be the case forever. :)  

Downloads for Linux and Mac version are delayed until tomorrow again, due to my internet connection. My apologies!


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Oct 09, 2017
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Oct 09, 2017
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Oct 09, 2017

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