Update 17.11.08

  • New finances, laws and policies system. The system allows you to make several choices on how the country will be governed. The choices will affect 7 new variables of the people in your country, which will increase or decrease in the background while you do other things. There are no new events based on these numbers yet, but will be used in the future updates.

  • New event with Vampire, starting at the Aldlyn city board with a new bounty quest.

  • New event with Sia, starting at the sleeping chambers. Requires the Aldlyn bar upgrade from the overview map.

  • New Icons at the CG room will now show which girl´s can get pregnant and if they are already impregnated.

  • Changes to the option menu, allowing you to change the window color, and switch to wasd control or change the keyboard config manually for each key.

General notes:

  • I’ve pushed back the bug fixes for the warmap again and again for several weeks now, so I’ll put a focus on it during the next few days. Please let me know in details about any problems you have or had, to help me get rid of all problems the system still has. If it’s a longer description of a bug, at best with screenshots, please send it to Naughty-Netherpunch@web.de instead of making a mess in the comment section. Thank you!

  • I’ve recently posted the update files for new updates first in discord, while the full version uploads are still on the way. If you want to get the updates faster, and see information about the ongoing development of the next update ahead of time, make sure to drop by. ;) You can find the discord channel at https://discord.gg/A79WrBq

Changes to the patron rewards:

The full size CG previews will now be available for +5$ patrons as well, rather than just the game size version.


Renryuu Ascension 17.11.08 [Windows Version].zip 465 MB
Nov 09, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.11.08 [MacOS Version].zip 466 MB
Nov 10, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.11.08 [Linux Version].zip 470 MB
Nov 10, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.11.08 [Windows Version] - Update files for version 17.10.23 or later only.zip 3 MB
Nov 09, 2017

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