Update 17.12.26 - The christmas special

After several delays, the christmas update is finally done. :)


  • A change of the tilesets to make everything in Central and Amagal covered in snow and ice. [Will look strange at places, since not everything was changed and the maps were not done for it obviously.]
  • Presents were placed all over the world, mostly outside but in a few rare cases inside.
  • Special CG scene, which can be slightly altered by two special presents. If you can’t find where the CG scene starts, maybe sleep a night over it. ;)
  • The new warmap system is working but not bug-free yet. I’ll continue to work on it and take care of all problems in the next days. My apologize for the inconvinient in the meantime.
  • Elly’s titfuck CG was updated with the new CG version. If you already played the scene, you can check it at the CG room. :)

The changes for christmas, including the snow, presents and special CG scene, will be removed in an update early next year. Make sure you get everything while you can. ;)


Renryuu Ascension 17.12.26 [Windows Version].zip 520 MB
Dec 27, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.12.26 [MacOS Version].rar 513 MB
Dec 27, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.12.26 [Linux Version].zip 525 MB
Dec 27, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.12.26 [Windows Version] - Update files for version 17.11.29 or later only.zip 17 MB
Dec 27, 2017

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Lol love the new CG scene, Ren must be very dissapointed though