Update 18.01.08

Update 18.01.08 content:

- The snow effect and presents of the christmas special are removed with this update. The christmas CG scene will be removed in the next update, as I forgot to do so before uploading. ^_^ 

- The brothel can now be entered. It doesn't have any whores yet, but you'll be able to purchase the slaves from the thieves guild later to change that. Other planned options for them is to send them to your dungeon, free them, or give them as presents to other countries to improve your relationship with them. 

- A new event with Lady Akira at the brothel. You'll need the event where you could pick to change Grey back or not before you can meet Lady Akira there. 

- Cumshot edits have been added for the new CGs of the headmaid's scene and Elly's titfuck scene. 

- The capital of Dorgania, Kagabangui has been added. You can explore the city and each building, but there are no events in the city yet.


Renryuu Ascension 18.01.08 [Windows Version].zip 527 MB
Jan 11, 2018
Renryuu Ascension 18.01.08 [MacOS Version].zip 528 MB
Jan 11, 2018
Renryuu Ascension 18.01.08 [Linux Version].zip 532 MB
Jan 11, 2018
Renryuu Ascension 18.01.08 [Windows Version] - Update files for version 17.12.26 or later only.zip 49 MB
Jan 11, 2018

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