Update 18.04.10

Update 18.04.10 content:

    - New event with Kayelinth in Lalizan (Dorgania). Starts when talking to the the guy in the top right area, inside a fence and near a new chest. Requires Kayelinth in your party and 1500 gold.

    - New grey Imp battler images and slightly changed dialog at the monsterhall. When you give the Imp at the monsterhall Iron with 80+ relationship, you'll unlock a second CG. [Red Imp also has a new CG, but it's not in the game yet.] - New warmap battle after the forth battle where you capture Lind. It can be repeated endlessly and gives a bunch of supplies and resources. This is supposed to help the lack of resources due to the limited battles so far. The 6 enemy troops have exactly as many troops as your first 6 units. But you can still overpower them easily either by taking advantage of unit classes/bonis, by having 7+ units, or by having the better upgrades to make your units stronger.

    Please let me know if you think the amount of resources obtained from a victory is worth the fight, or if it needs to get increased.

    - I added a book at the entrance of your castle in Aldlyn, which allows you to set the message text to appear immediately instead of slowly appearing letter by letter. You can see the book's location in the screenshot above.

    I'll make a poll on patreon and gamejolt later, whether you would like to have this as default for new games, or keep it the current way.

    Known warmap problems:

    - The HP/AP bars sometimes don't update themselves to show the correct amount of HP and AP.

    - Enemies occasionally attack units in wrong locations, outside of their reach. I think I know where to find those problems, but couldn't find the issue itself yet.

About the long delay:

The last updates have already taken longer than the planned 2 weeks between updates I used to have, but this one has been especially slow. The reasons are a mixture of different things.

I know that I was working too relaxed and little right after the last update when I had enough time, not getting much done, and then I had less time and cursed myself for not using my time better before. That lack of time management due to stuff like flexible working hours and other obligations have been bothering me for a while now. On the other hand, I was also having a hard time bugfixing the warmap. Players won't see a difference, but a lot of the system was re-worked to make sure the future battles can be added quickly and everything will work flawless. But even after many hours of work parts of it are still bugged, which was incredibly frustrating to me. And that frustration caused me to spend less hours working on the game than I usually do when making normal events, since I „gave up“ and did something else when I hit a dead end again.

I'm personally very dissatisfied with how long this update has taken, and how little new it gives to the player at the same time, even if the content itself turned out well. That's why I'll aim to get back to the bi-weekly updates and push myself some more again. As I've already proven by doing so before, it's not a matter of „rushing“ myself or anything, but a realistic time frame if I take things serious enough.

My apology to all the people that were patiently waiting for this update for so long.


Renryuu Ascension 18.04.10 [Windows Version].zip 556 MB
Apr 11, 2018
Renryuu Ascension 18.04.10 [MacOS Version].zip 557 MB
Apr 11, 2018
Renryuu Ascension 18.04.10 [Linux Version].zip 561 MB
Apr 11, 2018
Renryuu Ascension 18.04.10 - Update files for version 18.03.06 or later only!.zip 3 MB
Apr 11, 2018

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