Update news 30. November 2021

Renryuu: Ascension is now officially available on Steam!

The Steam version is the SFW version of the normal releases. There will be no extra content or earlier releases on Steam. The main purpose of the Steam version is to give people a different or an additional way to support my work. The normal NSFW version of the game will remain available for free at all times.

In order to prepare the christmas special, and to advance the vangaurd and army features to get them ready for the future addition of the war system, the next update will be bigger than usual and therefore take a while longer.
I'm aiming for a release in mid December, with a potential second part of the christmas special in the following update around the end of December.

Look forward to it!

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Does SFW steam version share same savefile?

The trigger to turn a game to a SFW version is at the start of the game, so a save from the NSFW version stays NSFW when you put it into the SFW game folder. However, unless you use the SFW to NSFW patch files, the CGs will be censored in the SFW version, even if you use a NSFW save to make those scene visible.

will there going to be NSFW patch for steam version?

It's not uploaded here on itch, but you can find it in the official MEGA link folder, in the SFW version sub-folder.

Here is the direct link to the most recent patch file: https://mega.nz/file/C4QwFbTY#A3VXJDdNQ21PjVHriK2u7QeydzIu8efhNb11J-7JKtQ

I'm curious if the developer of this game has a team or it's just an self-produced.

The art for the CG images is commissioned by several artists, but I'm only one person developing the game without a team.

Awesome ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. How soon before the children from the pregnancies get to be born will they also be available in December


The children will be there after a time-skip, they are finishing the game of before the time skip first so it don't think it will be soon. A side note, the game won't just end after the time skip, more stories will come after it. 

Awesome thanks ๐Ÿ‘

way to go, I've heard that's no easy task