Update 22.07.15

Update 22.07.15 changes:

- I made the image box of Shika during battles smaller, to prevent issues of selecting Funeral as the target instead of Shika.  

- New CG for Sia's second CG scene. The old and the new CG can both be seen in the CG room.

- New full body CG for the Waterspirit. Can be seen when you talk with her in the dungeon in Siriveta, or after her events in the CG room.)

- Fixed an issue with Shanna's and Ziki's new events, which caused it to reset.

- Added an option in the cheat book in your bedroom to fix the issue with Shanna's and Ziki's event in your save file, if you already triggered the problem before the fix was added.

- I changed the default setting for the new "Sync Monitor FPS" option to ON, as it somehow caused the game to speed up for some people while it was OFF. Please let me know, should putting the option to ON by default cause any problems for other people now.

- Added a new quest with Fane (the maid) in Millwater, and a CG scene. The event starts when you talk with Fane in the kitchen after solving the murder case and catching Irinlia.

- Added a new quest with Jillia (the mother) in Millwater, and a CG scene. This event also starts when you talk with her after solving the murder case.

- New dialog with Jiliesh (the daughter) at the Spire of Courage challenge floor after the murder case is done. This dialog will unlock a new event with her at Millwater, which leads to her CG scene.

- I changed the buttons in the nature dungeon at the brexeet isles. You can interact with them now while they're pushed down to make them pop up again. This'll solve a rare bug, and also allow people to quickly reset the crystals when they know they already messed up the route.

- New character with multiple events and CGs at Rakake in Dorgania.


Renryuu Ascension 22.07.15 [Windows Version].zip 1 GB
Jul 15, 2022
Renryuu Ascension 22.07.15 [Android Version].apk 1 GB
Jul 15, 2022
Renryuu Ascension 22.07.15 [Linux Version].zip 1 GB
Jul 15, 2022
Renryuu Ascension 22.07.15 [MacOS Version].zip 1 GB
Jul 15, 2022
Renryuu Ascension - Walkthrough 22.07.15.pdf 6 MB
Jul 15, 2022
Renryuu Ascension 22.07.15 - Update files for version 22.06.26 or later only!.zip 19 MB
Jul 15, 2022

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May I say something ryenSaotome. You need to fix some bug on the squad's captain they getting dmg even when the enemies are far away when the end turn happening and how I get all my save data again? My lvl there is 90+ and all the event item I got vanished when I installed the new version hehe

I'm not aware of a bug that causes enemies in the vanguard battles to attack over long distances. Can you describe it more detailed? Is the problem on every map? Is it by specific enemies? Have you done something in particular before it happens? Are the enemies over 3 tiles away? Have you loaded an auto-save or done anything else besides playing the battle normally?

How did you lose your saves? If you downloaded a new full game version, you need to copy&paste the entire content of the www/save folder, including the global file, or the game won't recognize your saves.

2) thanks

1) when the end turn of the enemies are done the captain that have a horse i think i don't know her name yet but it's getting damage the hp is dropping a lot the damage it cast to the captain is 20% of hp that's the bug i described 

Ohh and the fight of the bonus bandits that have a stolen items that i can recover from what it say the color of the logo is green

Do you, by chance, mean the "Bonus Battle 2" which at the start of the fights gives you a message which says:
"Special map feature:
The mage in the far east will deal 5 damage with a long distance fire spell to a random vanguard squad until he is defeated."?

If that is the battle you talk about, then it an intended feature, not a bug.

Here's additional i experimented it when the captain that have a horse got knocked out then the armord captain got the bug then it continues to spread to the captain's

(1 edit)

greetings RyenSaotome, I have a question in case of the Dorgonia Slavers quest: How far goes the consequences of choosing one side of either the goverment and the rebellion?

What are the cons and benefits between choosing one of them?

It'll show you a different story about the events. It's mostly a choice of preference, what route you want things to go down, so just pick whatever you prefer.

It's still stupid az hell that we can't rename the MC, but at least we ge5 fairly nice updates.

but the lack of immersion makes it hard for me to give a crap about the MC's plight if it's not MY plight.

...That's why I like RPGs.

greetings RyenSaotome, I am now following the quest "a cheerful adventurer" with the character Palasha, and I am now at the point where I know she is the princess of Dorgonia and is now my royal guest. But I can't find here anywhere near or inside of the castle?

She is in the library of the noble living quarters in your castle.

(1 edit)

thanks for the information, i have found her and am now at a point where i'm again in the lava dungeon but now with the four colored buttons and the treasure chests. Is there a hint for solving it in the room or do I just mash the buttons and see what with unlock. because the way back is sealed of by a grey crystal.

Nevermind. i have already figured it out. the red button controls the red crystals. the yellow one controls the grey crystal that can block the door. very clever.

nice mechanic for that particular place. simple once you figure it out but can be quite tricky if you don't catch up on this fact.

P.S don't know what the green and azure blue button does, but i leave that for another time. Unless your willing to tell what they can trigger.

and as always thanks for such a great game. It is a real pleasure playing with  such a mechanic varied game and quests.

All non-red buttons are connected to the grey crystal and make it appear on a separate trigger. Which means that all non-red buttons need to be turned back to "off" to get the grey crystal to disappear.

To make it a bit easier for the players, since they're locked into this area if they can't figure it out, I changed the blue, yellow, and green buttons to stay down while they're active now, and come back up when you deactivate them. This should make it easier to deactivate the grey crystal, since you can see which buttons are active.

thanks for this

Please tell me there will be more content with princess, she is so cute!

There will be, but sadly not anytime soon.

How to update game without lose previous save files in android please

Normally you can use the newer .apk to update the game files, and your saves stay untouched and can be continued after the update. 
Don't delete the game and install it again, use the .apk to update the existing game files.

Thank you very much

Bro add more dragonic character and add more story about ryen

How can I find the newer apk and how's the logo of the apk

But i am searching the newer apk but not found please tell me apk name and logo 

(1 edit)

greetings developer, i have been playing your game for a few days now on the Gamcore browser but the head title says this is version 21.11.14 but is this correct? and if so, i hope it wouldn't be a problem to update it to the latest version.



The version number is in year/month/day format of the upload day, which means you're playing a version from November 2021 if that is the date shown in the title screen.

Gamcore is not an official upload from me. I don't know who updates it or how often they do it, but I doubt you can update the browser version yourself.

If you can find the save folder for the game with the .rpgsave and .global files on your local system, I'd be possible to download the game here on itch or anywhere else where I post it, and continue your progress by copying the entire save folder content to the www/save folder of the downloaded game version.

thanks for the reply, I shall see what I can do.


Hey RyenSaotome, i have decided instead to just download a version from itch.io. and it works so now i will play to my heart's content. Once again thanks for creating such a great game.


Noticed a typo during the conversation with Millwater maid (Fane).

This is out of the blue, I noticed the ice harpies have no big harpy, any chance of that getting concidered?

Wasn't planned, but might be an option for the future.

That'll be great,

Yes, I've been waiting for this!


I like the new Update and the CG scenes but the adventure girl looks a bit to young for my "taste". Also for the bug reports: the character picture in the lower left that appears when you do her story line changes between her adventure cloths and her "normal" cloths in the middle of a conversation but besides that I couldnt find any bug whatsoever.


Steam Update when??


The upload to Steam is not working for me at the moment. And since the error message doesn't show a reason why, I don't know where the problem is or when it'll get fixed. For the time being,  I'll keep trying to upload it and hope that it'll work soon.


i know this is out of the question asked but will Tiena and Frozen Queen joins like Naevy or the other did??

Join in what way? By moving the the castle in Aldlyn? Unlikely.



i download it from this site then link it to steam as a non-steam game. its easier IMO and i can link games that dont have a steam version. if i wished i could link a game where direct from site version is free but the steam version is not

you can copy and paste the game data like i did