Update 22.08.24

Version 22.08.24 changes:

- New quest for Ryoko, which starts when you talk with her at the sleeping chambers. Requires the first meeting with Akai in the workarea near Aldlyn, Shey's event including her help for Maria at the Ironholm prison, that you defeated Raidy in the Spire of Courage challenge floor to get to the raid area, and that all previous events for Elly and Ryoko are done.

- After Ryoko's new quest, she becomes available for marriage via the marriage selection screen in the church of Aldlyn.
- After Ryoko's new quest, a new dialog with Elly will be available, which unlocks a new CG scene and her marriage. (Requires the wedding system and the vanguard battle system to be unlocked.)

- New CG room page "Others 3"

- The "Boulder Riddle Reset" key item, which you receive at one of the brexeet isles, is now automatically removed from your inventory when you walk out of the area, and added to your inventory again when you enter it again after the chest with the item was opened.

- We now have achievements in Renryuu! While they were primarily made for Steam, they can be unlocked on all versions.
There are 20 achievements for now, of which 6 are "hidden" and don't show you what you have to do to unlock them.
You get an in-game message whenever you unlock an achievement, and you can enter an in-game achievement screen via the throne in your castle in Aldlyn to check how many achievements you have and which are missing.
When you enter this new screen in an old save file, it automatically unlocks most achievements that you already achieved in your progress. Only a few cases didn't save the progress about it, so you'll have to do that again to get the achievement.
On Steam, the achievements can be completed in different saves, but the in-game achievement screen is separate per save file.

- Fixed a bug which caused the happiness value for Ryen to be wrong after entering the CG room under some circumstances.


Renryuu Ascension 22.08.24 [Windows Version].zip
Aug 23, 2022
Renryuu Ascension 22.08.24 [Android Version].apk 1 GB
Aug 23, 2022
Renryuu Ascension 22.08.24 [Linux Version].zip 1 GB
Aug 23, 2022
Renryuu Ascension 22.08.24 [MacOS Version].zip 1 GB
Aug 23, 2022
Renryuu Ascension - Walkthrough 22.08.24.pdf
Aug 23, 2022
Renryuu Ascension 22.08.24 - Update files for version 22.08.01 or later only!.zip
Aug 23, 2022

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 welp find the Bug I cant get out in the castel bagus or idk the name again help why the Bug I cant get out in the castel I just enter for start quest and cant get out help me

Oh yeah i am using joiplay in android

It's a bug from the last upload. You can get out with the teleport orb.
I have fixed it for the next upload.

But how

(1 edit)

But how I cant get out

Thank god i am just used joiplay can be teleport

What hell where am i

(1 edit)

First of all, I think realised a bug(?):
I just started playing the update and realised, that the achievement screen tells me I have 16 of 19 achievements. There are all 20 listed but it tells the max. Number of achievements is 19. And I am actually missing 4 (False Love, Stronger than Nature, Nature Raid and Polygamy). And I think found a typo at the achievement 'False Love'. In the hint is written 'love poitions' and I guess you meant potions.

Secondly: Nice job on this game. It is incredibly good and I really love it. I could write a lot about why I like it but I think I try to keep it short for now. I startet playing quite a while ago as a silent enjoyer but now that I wrote something anyway I wanted tell you how much I respect and appreciate your constant work and updates on the game and that you always kept up or even raised the quality. That's sadly something quite rare. So, good job and thank you a lot




Great update, absolutely love the new Ryoko desing