Poll: Squad leader for a gun using healer squad

I'm currently working on the draft for a future vanguard squad, which uses guns but can heal allies. 

After some back and forth, and cutting some of the ideas, I got it down to 5 options for the squad leader, and turned it into a poll to see which idea you like the most: https://strawpoll.com/polls/XmZRjK7NwZd

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cyclop girl seems good for a gunner (but im not a big fan of it)

assasin squirrel with a healing job for me is a bit weird, since this 2 is different job, but for self healing like kurohime is still ok (not a full scale healer) also we already have enough assasin for it 

trap is a no for me, and i think angel is more suit with staff rather than a gun

rat or mouse girl might be good with gunner, since they can have agility, maybe like double step or something (in my personal opinion)

furry girl might be more general for a job, and probably can suit in this job too, maybe like half angel and half doggirl or else? kinda similar like lili


Good idea, but why not have 1 squad of each type of gun (minigun, grenade launcher and sniper) just like that secret group has? 

Another option would be to have the squad be able to switch weapons or weapon attacks in battle to make it more versatile. 

These are just my ideas, See what you like and what fits... ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Ž 

Trap furry bdsm and gore

Dual furry girls mean more holes for me so yea ๐Ÿ‘Œ

damn bon voyage trap i'll miss you


Trap angel only if I can pound him, ain't no way in hell I'm gonna see a trap and not thirst over him

But cyclopse girl sounds good to me!

Also, this squad is literally gonna be the meme: "I'm a healer, BUT *cocks gun*"


I wish I could have them all, but I know just as much that, that's unreasonable. Just means I'm happy with any outcome.

Another squad able to open chests is just needed simply as an alternative to fang, it's a no brainer


Kurohime is an already existing alternative.

True, I forgot