Update 22.09.13

Update 22.09.13 changes:

- A new quest line starts when you talk with Trey after the events of Pandora and the events with the traitors in the castle.

- The Riddle Key item can now be used at the brexeet isles in the dungeon of the island with the big tree, which is part of Sandra's events.  It increases the timer before crystals reappear by 10 seconds without removing the riddle key from your inventory.

- The Aldlyn city board now has a !-icon above it whenever a new note is available on the board.

- I replaced Ariana's good and bad path CGs with improved images.

- I added an option in Mike's dialog to allow the player to change his mind, if he picked to stop his support for the rebellion after the attack on Minsk Harbour, since that locked players out of the following events


Renryuu Ascension 22.09.13 [Windows Version].zip 1 GB
88 days ago
Renryuu Ascension 22.09.13 [Android Version].apk 1 GB
88 days ago
Renryuu Ascension 22.09.13 [Linux Version].zip 1 GB
88 days ago
Renryuu Ascension 22.09.13 [MacOS Version].zip 1 GB
88 days ago
Renryuu Ascension - Walkthrough 22.09.13.pdf 6 MB
88 days ago
Renryuu Ascension 22.09.13 - Update files for version 22.08.28 or later only!.zip 8 MB
88 days ago

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Why can't I complete the Annexation sidequest when I talk to Mike after doing all the errands?

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the game developer is the same as stardew valley developer both of them are passionate and hard working toward the game they develop they are a mellion time better then 99.99% of other game developers, so many huge companys they have many staff and huge budget and in the end they release half ass games with very few content they have no shame


The hard part is trying to remember the names of more than 100 characters xD

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A while back i asked how far away this game is from being done and you said quite a ways. I was wondering if was possible for you to you be any more specific on that topic. Also was wondering what's next after you're done with Renryuu Ascension.


No, I can't give you a specific time. Finishing the game is too far away for me to even make a rough estimate. I'm making steady progress, but the list of planned content seems endless. :D
I have some notes for other things I could do after Renryuu, but no detailed plans yet. And even after the main story is done, I'll probably keep adding content to Renryuu for a while, before I'll even consider to start something new.

Ok, thank you

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Hey I cannot load the game after updating it says "Failed to load: js/plugins/Archeia_Steamworks.js"

I play on Windows and used the update files btw


Sounds like you're missing the file of a previous update. Try to re-download the full game version.

Thanks it worked