Update 22.09.29

Update 22.09.29 changes:

- I added a second accessory slot for all characters. However, all characters in saves files from before this change will take off their shoes once when the new equipment slot is added by the system.

- I added sounds to the riddle with colored orbs on the island with a big tree at the Brexeet isles to help colorblind people to solve the riddle. If you notice any other riddles that are impossible to solve for colorblind or deaf people, please let me know.

- "Plant" enemies, Big Bat, Blue Slimegirl, Hornet, Alraunes, and Ice Alraunes got nerfed and are slightly weaker now.

- I fixed the classes of the 3 adventurers that were added in last update, to allow them to wear the adventurer equipment.

- All legendary weapons have red icons now, and all other weapons have yellow icons.

- All legendary armors have orange icons now, and all other armors have green icons.

- Almost all icons for items have the same color now, apart from a few exceptions, like riddle keys, which I wanted to stand out.

Overview map changes/improvements:

- The academy doesn't have to be used each turn by the player anymore. Instead, it gives 10 experience each turn automatically to level 1-3 squads, or 1-6 with the upgrade. Notification messages for gained experience and level up messages can be turned on or off when you interact with the icon above the academy.

- The Arena is now a special vanguard battle map, on which you can fight several enemies with a single vanguard squad.

The squads are grouped in 5 types: Balanced, Sturdy, Agile, Ranged, and Magic Supporter, with 4 squads per type. (Squads that you haven't recruited yet won't be shown in the choices as an option.)

Each type gets a unique reward for the first clear of the map, and has 4 different randomized rewards afterwards, regardless of which squad of this type you use.

For balance reasons, the enemies have 25% less DEF against sturdy squads (since the heavy squads have less ATK), 25% less ATK against ranged squads (since they have less DEF), and 50% less DEF against magic supporter (to give Phyrra a chance)

The Arena battle is split in three phases. If you give up after the first/second phase, you get 15,000/35,000 gold. Your squad is healed by 30% when you continue to the next phase. (And a squad is always fully healed when it levels up)

A normal loot chest appears in the third phase.

- When a fire breaks out, the message will now tell you where the fire is, and the icon for the fire is sparkling to make it easier to spot it.

- The storage near Red Keep now sparkles and has a hammer icon when you have the quest to upgrade it during the events in Orchel.

- 5 new research projects: Siege weapons, stone towers, improved sanitation, and endlessly repeatable research options to increase wood and stone production.

- When you plan to go to a war with another country (option with Theremis), you can now prepare improvements to the fortifications of the border in 4 steps on the special screen of the command center building.

- Aldlyn, Parverhill, Witton, Calbridge Stronghold and Red Keep can take measures against sieges when you prepare for a war with a bordering country. (Begus for Parverhill and Witton, Dorgania for Calbridge Stronghold and Red Keep, and all three countries for Aldlyn.)

The preparations have three steps for each city. The first step requires the new research for improved sanitation, the second step requires the work area near Aldlyn with the weaver, and the last step requires the bakery.

- The interface of the overview map now displays how many sandwiches, furnitures, cakes, jewelry, and tea you have in your storage. The tutorial image which explains all icon was improved to show these 5 resources as well now.

- The interface icons for beer and wine were improved.

- 3 new repeatable trades with Begus. You can sell 15 Furniture to Ironholm Prison, 25 Jewelry to Calterburry, or 30 Sandwiches to Old Ashton now. The trade icon only appears when you have the necessary items.

- 1 new repeatable trade of Mithril for Cakes with Dorgania.

- These repeatable trades increase the relationship with the other country by +5 the first time you make them.

- You can use the cheat book in your bedroom to test 5 new vanguard squad leaders when you pick the option "Test squad 16-20 [Aplha]"

The CGs for the characters are far from being done, but I wanted to finish the system and all squads to make more battles without having to change a lot later. That's why the characters and squads use a colored placeholder character for the time being.

Squad 18 are pegasus riders, who can fly over unpassable terrain, same as Leneth.

Squad 20 is the squirrel girl "Scuffy Fluffball" who won the poll a while ago. Rather than a sniper gun with healing darts, I gave her a "Med-Kit" ability to heal allies instead. It fits better to her character design in my opinion.


Renryuu Ascension 22.09.29 [Windows Version].zip 1 GB
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Does the arena matches difficulty effect awards ? 



certainly interesting, and thank you for the accessory slot as well as the color coding

Mate your new arena is kind of buggy i made a support mage match and didnt wanted to proceed after second phase... so i came back to the world map and i got asked again if i want to proceed and i denied again and it repeatedly asked me till i agreed and i came back to the arena map but i was different looking and there was a single tile with all enemys and squad leadern (even the 4 not realy implemented yet with a placeholder avatar) i could get out after useing the exit.

here thats what it looked like...

something else, even i know you basicly read most comments on all portals i wanted to ask what would be the best way to reach out to you since i played your game a lot and would love to share my appreciation for your work and some things i have on my mind related to it with you.

I fixed the "leave arena" option, which was bugged and caused that mess.

The discord server at https://discord.gg/A79WrBq is usually the best place for ideas. We have a special channel to make and discuss suggestions there. 

Else, if it's something very complex, or not something you want to post in public, you can reach me via mail at Naughty-Netherpunch@web.de


Great update! 

I'm Green/Red colour blind, meaning if you show me an image with light green and light red near each other in a bright image,  I can't distinguish them. Same with the dark versions of the colours. So I would appreciate If for example you would use light red and dark green. 

There's a test for Chiyo that has coloured buttons which is difficult for me. --- Just said that as a reference. 

Good that you added another accessory slot. I think that it was needed because of the rings you get when you merry someone, and not being able to use them because of battle advantage didn't feel right.

I will play this update and see what changes you have made.


So neither making the colors brighter or darker would help, if I understand you correctly?
I think the simplest solutions for the buttons is to write the color name on the button, or to use a symbol.
Are the colored crystals also a problem? Or anything else?

I was considering to make the new accessory slot only for rings, since I was thinking about the wedding rings when I made this. But the freedom to use any possible combination seemed like the better choice, so you can freely use both accessory slots for everything.

how to install the update file without saving the previous undeleted file on the android version?


When you use the newer .apk, it should give you the option to update the existing game files. Your save files are still available after the update.
The "update files only" .zip is not for android.

I am using apk version 22.09.13 And it doesn't give me the option to update the game. I'm really worried if my 80hours are lost :(

Are you using the itch app instead of directly downloading the file?
The newest apk is 22.09.29.


Wonderful update! <3 good job!!


Thanks :)