New Years Eve wallpaper - Poll 2

In a previous poll, it was decided that the New Years Eve wallpaper for the holiday special this year shall be with side characters. Since there are over 150 possible side characters, I decided to put everyone in groups, to make it easier to vote on them.

You can vote on as many characters as you want in all of the 7 polls.

It's pretty much a popularity contest for all important side characters, but based on the results I'll decide which characters will be on the holiday wallpaper.

Side character poll 1: Central ->

Side character poll 2: Vanguard and Maids ->

Side character poll 3: Begus ->

Side character poll 4: Orchel elves ->

Side character poll 5: Amagal and Dorgania ->

Side character poll 6: Monstergirls and raids ->

Side character poll 7: Spirits and others ->

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