Update 17.07.24

The new update is online! It contains:

  • 2 new Harpy enemies with new CG battler images
  • 1 new map, when you go up north next to the fort in Witton
  • Ariana’s event in the Spire of Courage was reset and now enables a new quest at the Aldlyn city board when you wake her up instead of taking her prisoner.

  • Tutorial added to the overview map, to clear the confusion about the turn-system.
  • Some warmap bugs were fixed, but some movement and attack range bugs are still in this version.
  • Starting attack stats of enemy units are now lower, but increase in battle 4.
  • New upgrade for each class in the warmap laboratory, which requires the class at level 1+ and silver to buy the upgrade.
  • The arena on the overview map now has the option to replay previous battles. If you lost battle 4 before, you can now redo the battle and capture Lind.

  • Added reworks of the CGs of Tsubaki’s titfuck, the blue Slimegirl, and Chiyo’s standing image
  • New CG scene with the maid Linda, starting at the Headmaids selection screen.

New !-symbol events on the overview map including:

  • One-time complete heal of all units (appears after first battle)
  • Merchant selling 500 Supplies once for 20k gold
  • A feast for Bread, Fish, Meat and Supplies to raise the moral of your troops by +50
  • Option to sell Meat to Amagal with a relaxed trading policy (More trading of resources with other countries will follow later)


Renryuu Ascension 17.07.24 [Windows Version].zip 423 MB
Jul 28, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.07.24 [MacOS Version].zip 423 MB
Jul 28, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.07.24 [LINUX Version].zip 427 MB
Jul 28, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.07.24 [Windows Version] Update files only.zip 4 MB
Jul 28, 2017

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