Update 17.08.16

The new update 17.08.16 is up and has the following changes:

- Rework version of the standing CGs of Mirel, Elly, Kayelinth, Ryoko, Sandra and Tsubaki.

- Skilltree and CG selection screen are now available from the main menu instead of the bed in your room. This option will bring you back
exactly where you were before after you leave the screen, also with the "look" you had. For example, you should stay as the selection icon on
the warmap, or in the uniform of Amagal while you're in their secret dungeon.

- New quest and a follow up event with Flaire at the thieves guild.

- After the event, you can find Moriko in the bar of the thieves guild and have the second scene with her.

- A new image will show when the impregnation of the Maid Mary was succesful. It's a 1/4 chance, even when you replay the scene. A
succesful impregnation will trigger a switch for the game to remember it, but it has no effect as of yet.

Overview map changes:

- Fixed the south farm, to allow it to stop production now.

- Fixed a bug, where the logistics upgrade would only give you +20 instead of +30 supplies per round.

- Your own ranged units can now attack over other „events“ (which means over other units and some barricades). This change hasn't been applied to the enemies yet.

- Higher base income for Stone, Wood and Iron.

- Fewer units in battle 4

- Higher mine production for resources (you have to re-select it in save games in order for the change to become active). This change doesn't
affect the gold income!

- You can now recruit new units at the Command Center building. The entire vanguard forces are limited to a max. of 15 seperated units.

- Lumberjacks can now be upgraded.

- Replaying battles at the arena now saves your HP before the start, sets every unit to full health, and returns it to the previous amount
after the battle is over.

- Units HP and AP bar will now refresh properly after ending your turn.

- Vanguards on the overview map now stand in a special area, rather than in the middle of the worldmap.

Overview map bugs not yet fixed:

- Unintended long range attacks by some enemies

- Range attack on an enemy two tiles left with an event in the way doesn't work. I couldn't figure out why yet. Chances are other spots
might be bugged as well.

- Occasionally wrong movement of the AP/HP bar, having it go to a different place than the unit.

Plans for the next update:

- Warmap fixes. Once the system is running smooth, I can finally continue the battles.

- Events with Cgs for a new character in the Igloo at the top right corner of the worldmap.

- Adding impregnation image and switches to more characters

- If I have enough time, CG scene(s) with Lielle, the maid Bess, Demoness or the Ice Harpy. Else they'll be part of the next update.

For the following update I currently plan to also add a new system for Brad's cage fights and a yuri scene with two main character.


Renryuu Ascension 17.08.16 [Windows Version].zip 424 MB
Aug 17, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.08.16 [MacOS Version].zip 425 MB
Aug 17, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.08.16 [LINUX Version].zip 429 MB
Aug 17, 2017
Renryuu Ascension - Walkthrough 17.08.16.pdf 841 kB
Aug 17, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.08.16 [Windows Version] Update files for version 17.07.24 only.zip 18 MB
Aug 17, 2017

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