Update 19.06.19

Version 19.06.19 is now available as "update files only".

- New event with Naevy at the beach of Amaranthe
- The full body CG of Chiyo has been changed (you can check the new image at the CG room if you already had her event)
- New events with Tami at Pumumu. Talk with her for a cooking event in which you can cook either with Mira, Mirel, Tsubaki, Chiyo, Kayelinth, Elly or Ryoko. Options from party members you don't have turn invisible.
After the event talk with Tami again for more dialogs.

Since this is a rather quick update I'll post only the "update files". A regular full upload will happen again once the next update with more content is done.


Renryuu Ascension 19.06.19 - Update files for version 19.06.11 or later only!.zip 15 MB
Jun 19, 2019

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How can you start the event with Naevy at the Beach?

It's part of the events with the tigergirl Mai.
After advancing the events with Mira past the temple island events you can get Mai from the lower floor of the casino in Newkungu. Advancing the events with Mai will later bring you to the Amaranthe beach with her, her sister and Naevy.

Thanks for the quick answer, but i already completed the events of Mai's good path and reunited her with her sister. Now the three of them just stand in the bedroom with the two sisters saying how glad they am that they finally found each other again and Naevy saying that she really likes Mai.

Other requirements are Naevy's second scene, that you build the bathhouse, that you were at the amaranthe beach before, and that you had the choice whether to change Grey back or not after the events at the bathhouse.

Oh okay. I haven't finished Grey's Quest yet,so that must be it. Thank you :

how do you install the update?

If you have the PC version you can simply merge the www folder of the posted zip file into the www folder of your game to update. Please keep in mind that skipping updates using these files means you'll be missing files. If you don't have the previous version then please download the full game again.

The new version is scheduled to be uploaded today or tomorrow, so if you want to download the full game again you might want to wait until version 19.07.12 is online. :)

I have a video about using update files here:

you sir are a God lmao. I'm gonna wait till the full release so how would I keep my saves when I install the  new one?

After downloading the full game again you can move the saves from the www/save folder of the old version to the same folder of the new version. Make sure you copy everything as the global file is needed to show the saves in the loading screen.
It's also explained in the video at around 1:26 btw. :D