Update 17.09.04

The windows version and update files for the new update are up! Mac and Linux version are being uploaded as well, but might not be finished  before tomorrow.

New content:

- New character with events and CGs in the top right corner of the worldmap, in the igloo.
- New events with CG scene starting with Naevy in your bedroom.
- New unit "Healer" in the warmap system added. They can be recruited at the Command Center building, or else you can change an existing unit to become healers.
- Fixed several bugs and spelling mistakes.
- The planned addition of the impreg image to all scenes in which a character can get pregnant was delayed for now. Due to some feedback, I decided a simple picture poping up in a corner is not good enough for something so major. That's why it'll be improved first.

Things planned for the next update:
- New cage fight system for Brad.
- Patron reward scene with two main girls.
- New events and scene with Lielle.
- With enough time, I'll also add the CG scene for the maid Bess.

The previous Naevy image and the new ones are all done by the artist Grigorart. I think I forgot to give him credit before, when his first image for Naevy was added to the game, so here you go now:


Renryuu Ascension 17.09.04 [Windows Version].zip 428 MB
Sep 04, 2017
Renryuu Ascension 17.09.04 [Windows Version] - Update files for version 17.08.16 only.zip 7 MB
Sep 04, 2017

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